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Only Serious bloggers need apply!

We are looking for creative writers that want to help add informative and interesting content to a local DC/VA/MD real estate website and make a little cash while doing so. We love content about real estate.... BUT.... we love even more, content about fun things to do in the area, family outings, festivals, concerts and interesting things going on or coming to the Washington, DC area. We prefer keeping things in the Northern Virginia area...but DC, MD and NOVA are all acceptable areas. Mommy bloggers and writers are awesome too as long as articles somehow relate to the Washington DC area!

All content MUST BE ORIGINAL and NO DOUBLE DIPPING ALLOWED! We will not only pay you for your content, but will add you as a contributor to the site. That means you get credit for your work on the site, we add your name, picture, twitter feed, etc......however, we own the content you wrote that we paid you for and published.

If we decide to work with you, there is no limit to the amount of articles you can contribute and get paid for. 300 words is the minimum we will accept for a submitted article. Each article must have a HEADLINE and a picture. This is a great part-time contract gig to sharpen your writing skills and make a little cash in the process. Payment will be made through Pay-Pal and/or Venmo for a 300-400 word article submission. No Fluff or Filler content allowed! We read them and have the right not to accept them! We pay for only the articles we publish online. This is a family friendly website. No mean spirited politics, actually no politics...nothing offensive, just good ole' fashion fun, interesting, informative and creative writing!

Now Accepting Amazon.com Product Reviews!

We are accepting original product reviews for anything sold on Amazon.com and we pay for product reviews.  Please make sure you know the product well that you are reviewing.  Again, we only Pay if we publish the review online at ListWithElizabeth.com  and we reserve the right to not accept submitted material upon our discretion and for any reason.  We look for great content and well written reviews. If your review is published, you will get paid.
We'll need a picture of the product, the review (at least 300 words) and a hyperlink to the product for sale on Amazon.com.  However, the product should relate to something you might use in or for a home.  So electronics found in the home, outdoor lawn maintenance equipment, kitchen supplies, appliances, etc...all make sense.....however a review about a bicycle helmet may not make much sense on our site.  Also, anything that may be the "new thing" we always like! So if that bicycle helmet now has Wi-Fi and all the kids are buying it...Then YES, we'll make it work on the site!  :)

If still interested READ BELOW:

1.) If you think you are ready and know what we want, well go ahead and submit your original article. We pay for only the work we publish online.  Make sure you are using rich SEO content and are hyperlinking to reputable sites when referencing or crediting another's work. All articles should be in WORD or TEXT format.  All submitted pictures must be attached to email as .jpg or .png files and not integrated into your article document.  We'll know where to place them on our page. 

2.) All published work is property of ListWithElizabeth.com and Gems in Blue, LLC once published onto our site and writer is paid.  Published articles may not be used on other sites. Yes, we do check.  Google is pretty good at helping.

3.) If you are not sure about SEO writing, Google and read some articles to get yourself familiar with writing blogs in this format.  We don't want to waste your time or ours.  So make sure you have great and relevant content before submitting your articles for consideration.

4.) If we decided to use and publish your work, ListWithElizabeth.com has the right to edit content. (Period)

5.) We have a few great writers on our blog that has recently started writing for us already.  Look them up and feel free to contact them through their social media links if you want to know how reputable we are.  We pay FAST and our Content goes up fast too.  We also support our bloggers in all of their writing ventures...so make sure to follow them on social media as well. 

6.) YES...If you are good...we are going to keep you and make you write for us as much as possible.  We are in the early stages of this blog, so we are giving many a chance to write and earn cash.  Once we find our select amount of writers and contributors, we won't be accepting articles so easily.

7.) If you have questions, please submit them below...OR if you are ready to submit your article...submit them below as well.

We look forward to hearing from you, ready your great stories and working with you into the future!


October 19, 2016
Elizabeth Ann Kline



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