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Virginia Safari Park
180-Acre Drive Thru Adventure!

Walking through the Virginia Safari Village Natural Bridge, VA

Natural Bridge, VA

Elizabeth Ann Kline feeding a giraffe at the Virginia Safari Park
Virginia Safari Park Logo Elizabeth Ann Kline Real estate Agent in Springfield Burke VA

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November 7, 2016
Elizabeth Ann Kline

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The Virginia Safari Park opened in the spring of 2000 to allow people to see and experience wild animals in a much more natural environment than had previously been available.  It's about an hour drive north of Roanoke and about 2 hours 45 minutes south of Washington, DC.

At the Virginia Safari Park, you'll be able to see animals run and frolic with abandon... or block your path... or lay out int he sun... the choice will be theirs; they are free to roam.  No pacing back and forth in front of a barred exhibit! 

The Staff is dedicated to helping guests appreciate the beauty of the animals in the peaceful and natural setting of the Shenandoah Valley.

They encourage interaction by allowing visitors to feed the animals with their specialty grain. The experience of having a huge bull elk, ostrich or giraffe only inches away, feeding from your bucket is virtually impossible to describe.  This unique animal encounter park appeals to all ages and is the top attraction in the area.

You certainly can spend an entire day at the park.  The drive through animal adventure takes about 45 minutes to an hour and you can go through as many times as you would like once you pay park admission.  They also have the Safari Village which has tons of more animals on display including the Budgie Adventure Aviary where dozens of small birds will land on your hands and shoulders in hopes you'll feed them from the Budgie Seed Sticks.  You can walk through Kangaroos as they lounge in the sun all around you, watch Bengal tigers from about 3 feet away and probably the most memorable moment for our family was the up close and personal feeding experience with the giraffe.

Feel free to watch my Video Review of the Virginia Safari Park Experience.  We enjoyed ourselves and will most certainly be coming back to visit another day!

Virginia Safari Park

229 Safari Lane

Natural Bridge, VA 24578



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