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December 29, 2016
Elizabeth Ann Kline

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So What is Boxed.com and why should I care?  Well, if you have stood in those long lines at Costco or Sam's Club on a Saturday afternoon, you'll quickly grow to appreciate this new service from Boxed.com.  Boxed.com is wholesale shopping with bulk pricing that you order online and have your items shipped right to your home.  There are NO yearly membership fees or subscriptions.  You simply log on to the site with your email and start shopping.  Because you are buying in bulk, it is actually cheaper than buying at Walmart or the local grocery store, so you are getting more "Bang for your Buck".

If you compared the prices to Costco, Boxed.com will be slightly higher in price, but remember to factor your time driving to the store, gas, walking up and down each aisle, waiting in those sometimes long lines, then hauling everything in half boxes out to your car.  The 3 hours you might spend at Sam's or Costco makes up for the convenience Boxed.com offers.

Shipping is Free on your very first order, but it can be free depending upon how much you spend.  If you don't meet the spending requirement, plan on spending between $6-$12 dollars to ship your items. Our items arrived at our house in just two days! You can use your credit card on all purchases. 

For you frequent shoppers, Boxed.com offers a Cash Back Points System as well as they have a convenient app for your smart phone and to make your shopping experience even better. If you google and look around the web, you'll also find online coupons you can apply to your order. Usually between 10-15% Off. 

All in All....this is a great idea and for a working professional mother, the time I saved shopping is time I can spend with my family.  Worth every penny!


Online Wholesale Shopping Delivered Right to your Front Door with No Fees!


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