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  • LIST WITH ELIZABETH® has over 250,000 Online Impressions Each Month and Growing!
  • Customized & Targeted Social Media Marketing
  • Professional High Resolution Photography on all listings
  • Listing Syndication on Over 700 websites
  • Detailed and Complete MLS Listing Entry
  • Custom Landing Page on ListWithElizabeth.com for every listing
  • Customized Home Staging and/or Virtual Staging*
  • Hosted Open Houses with Mega-Marketing
  • Custom “HGTV Style” Home guided Video Tour Production*
  • Professional High Resolution Video Production*
  • Google Advertising for Open Houses
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If you are thinking about selling your home in Springfield, VA - Burke, VA or the surrounding areas of Fairfax County, it can be a very daunting task to decide which REALTOR, or real estate agent is right for you.  Advertisements and radio commercials have taken over the airwaves with each and every different kind of reason why you should work with a certain team or agent.  Some claim to have a list of thousands of buyers just waiting to buy your home and they will sell your home before it ever hits the market. Some offer to sell your home so cheaply and inexpensively, you have to ask yourself what quality of service do you actually get from your agent for a few hundred dollars and a small percentage at closing?  Some claim they will actually "buy your home" from you if they can't sell it, and you can fire them at anytime. 

LIST WITH ELIZABETH® is the #1 Premier Real Estate Team in Springfield and Burke, Virginia.  Our agents are of the highest quality and integrity. Our agents are hand selected to be on our team because of their experience, talent, knowledge, top negotiation skills and their ability to commit to excellence in customer service. Some highlights about our agents and team include:

  • We do not have a stale list of thousands of buyers from the internet and claim we can sell your home before it goes to market. We do, have a full time member of our team devoted to internet marketing.  Each one of our listings is individually marketed online to specific buyers searching for the exact criteria of the home and location we are selling. We strategically focus and target market to the buyer you are looking for.  Our list is very real and very accurate. We would never suggest selling a home without going to the market if our client wants to get the most money from the sale.   Creating a demand and competition for your home,not gimmicks, is how our agents sell our homes way above market on a consistent basis.
  • We do not claim to be able to sell your home for $500 and .05% at closing.  Brokers that offer these type of listing services are referred to as "discount brokers". The only way a discount broker can make a living with this business model is to take on lots of volume, or more business than they might actually be able to handle.   The truth is, all agents make their living off of the commission from selling a home. It is also very costly to maintain a real estate agent sales license, insurance, training, office supplies and everything else.  When an agent lists your home, it also cost money to provide pictures, videos, signs, open houses, marketing material and flyers.  Let's not forget the time it takes to answer phone calls from buyers and other agents about your home.  When all is said and done, it costs a lot more money than $500 to sell any home.  So, how hard would you work for ZERO DOLLARS?  That's what you have to ask yourself when you consider hiring a "Discount Broker" to sell your home.
    Our LIST WITH ELIZABETH agents are motivated to get the highest amount of money for your home. They are in the game with you.  When YOU WIN - EVERYONE WINS.....However, when you hire a Discount Broker, the money you save, could actually be the money you lose.

  • We will not buy your home from you if we don't sell it.  We've all heard these commercials, and they make me laugh. If this is your real estate agent's selling point....maybe you should think long and hard about why you're hiring them to a sell your home.  LIST WITH ELIZABETH agents are dedicated to selling your home and for the highest possible price.  We focus and strategize a marketing plan for each and every individual home.  No home is the same, and neither should be their marketing.

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