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December 29, 2016

By: Kevin D. Kline


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Power Smart DB7103PA-26 Inch 212 cc Electric Start Snow Thrower with Power Assist

 After last winter's snow storms here in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC area, I promised myself I would never go through another winter without being armed with a heavy duty snow blower.  My driveway is small, but it doesn't take much to throw out your back and put you on the couch for a week when dealing with 2 feet of heavy snow and a plastic shovel.  My neighbors were great, but one had a plug-in electric snow thrower and the other was a 2-cycle small engine snow thrower.  I was highly grateful for being offered to use them, but I was scared to death I was going to break them as I was chomping through 24 inches of heavy wet snow.  Not to mention it took hours to work with such a small machine. They both were not meant to eat through a large amount of snow and be back inside the house in 10 minutes.  That's what I wanted!  Something with teeth and muscle and something that would be the envy of the neighbors.  And let me tell you, when I had a "home depot special" snow shovel in my hand and the other neighbors had their snow blowers, (small or not) I was, at the time certainly envious of them.  Now I can't wait to return the favor and help out my neighbors with my new Power Smart 24" Snow Blower (thrower).  Yes, I broke down this summer and ordered one on Amazon.com and I wanted to at least write something about it to reduce the fear anyone else may have of ordering such an expensive and large item on Amazon without even being able to see it.  This goes against everything I have ever done before.  I am the type that needs to see it, put my hands on it and now with the internet, read and watch as many videos about the product as I can before dishing out several hundred dollars for a machine I never saw.

First off my logistics have changed.  I traded in my pickup truck for a family Chevy Equinox.  The days of throwing equipment in the back of my truck are over.  So the idea of Amazon delivering this right to my doorstep was quite a plus...and it was free.  I scheduled the delivery date and time when I ordered the Snow Blower, so I was able to be home and expect the delivery, which allowed me to have them deliver it right into my garage. 

The assembly was very easy!  The Power  Smart Snow Blower came on a wooden pallet and was very nicely wrapped and packed.  I removed the packing and boxes and spread the pieces out on my garage floor.  The assembly directions were literally one page and had pictures to follow. Yes, a monkey could have  put it together.  I did have to buy the engine oil as it did not come with oil.  I put together the Snow Blower in about 35-40 minutes.  And when I say put together, you just have to screw on the handles, the plastic blower and a few other small things.  Easy Easy Easy !!!!

I added the oil and filled the tank up.  Guess what??  The Power Smart DB7651 24 inch 208cc LCT Two-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start started on the FIRST PULL !!!  I was really excited.  Everything worked properly.  The augers turned, the blower's wheels started spinning and pulled me around the garage.  It was easy to use, easy to handle and I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL THE SNOW of 2017 in Washington, DC !!! 

Now here is the bad part...now that I have this bad mamma jama waiting in my garage, it will probably be in the 60's all winter with no snow.  Just my luck !!  That is okay. I am prepared.  I will be happy to UPDATE this review once we have our first snow.  But I can tell you this was a very wise investment and the BEST Bang for my Buck when compared to the other brands out there.  Yes, unfortunately, this brand was made in China but if you are on a budget and need (require) a big machine to do your dirty snow work... by far this is the best choice.  Not to mention tons and tons of great reviews on Amazon.  The parts and components seem to be very accessible and easy to work on, should there be any problems in the future.  Maintenance seems pretty easy too. 

There are some other models that Power Smart offers and you should take a look and see if they fit your needs better.  Either way, if you were like me and didn't want to risk going through another winter and blizzard only armed with a little plastic shovel, I highly recommend the Power Smart DB7651 24 inch 208cc LCT Two-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start

-Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline Blogger
Power Smart DB7103PA-26 Inch 212 cc Electric Start Snow Thrower with Power Assist

Power Smart DB7651 24 inch 208cc LCT Two-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start  

Product Description & Information:
Powerful performance and convenience are what you can expect from this snow blower. Its push button, electric start 208cc LCT engine and drive speed variations let you handle your work with ease. The ergonomically designed machine comes with foldable handles, aiding easy storage when not in use.

The Power Smart DB7651 208cc two stage snow thrower features an electric start, professional and powerful snow engine, drive speed and direction control panel, remote chute direction control, 24 inches of clearing width, and 20 inches of clearing depth. The 12-inch serrated, all-steel augers pull snow into the blower unit to power through tough conditions.

Note for California residents: This model is not CARB-compliant. Units sold to California must be CARB-compliant.

This two-stage snow thrower is powered with the LCT 208cc professional snow engine, which is designed for use in cold climates. Its push button electric start ensures engine starting without difficulty so you do not need to fight with the recoil starter, which is often frustrating when it is not able to start in the cold weather.

Two Stage Snow Removal Clears Deep Snow

The DB7651 employs two-stage technology to improve snow removal efficiency, throwing snow faster and further. The adjustable skid shoes allow alterations to the height of the scraper so that the snow thrower can be used on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, dirt, and ice.

Drive Speed and Direction Control

The drive speed and direction control lever is conveniently located on a panel between two handles, so speed and direction change is right within your reach. The four forward speeds and two backward speeds can be adjusted simply by shifting the lever.

What's in the Box

Power Smart Power Smart DB7651 24-inch 208CC LCT compact gas powered two stage snow thrower, oil funnel, skid shoes, spark plug wrench, cable clips, shear pins, clean-out tool, drift cutters (optional), operating instructions

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